The Vice President of India Shri Mohd. Hamid Ansari released the book titled “War of Civilizations: India AD 1857” –(Volume I -The Road to Delhi; & Volume II- The Long Revolution) authored by the writer/journalist Shri Amaresh Misra at a function here today. Addressing on the occasion, the Vice President said that writing such a voluminous book is an extraordinary success. Referring to the sources in the book he said that these sources are well-authenticated. He said that 1857 revolt was a revolution which failed because it was not sufficiently organized and many people did not join it. Congratulating the author the Vice President said that he has done a great service to the nation.

The book showcases a West, the West has never seen, an Asia which Asians are unaware of and a story of the ‘Indian Mutiny’ which has never been told before. The whole Asia-Europe conflict gets a new slant. Accessible to scholars, historians, lay readers, students of military adventure and battles, ideologies, action and drama, the story of 1857 resonates with smells and sounds of an Indian caravanserai, the auburn-gray picture of high sounding, Victorian England.

The author Shri Amaresh Misra gave a brief description of the book. Former Ministers Shri K. Natwar Singh and Shri Salman Khurshid also addressed. Many dignitaries were present on the occasion.


Ashok said…
Please take note of a recent review in The Tribune, Chandigarh on Sunday, July 20, 2008 titled "Nationalistic uprising" URL is
vinci said…
I am a publisher of political books in the US. I would like to import a few copies of this work, or better yet, licence the set for publication in the US, resp. US-UK. Can you direct me to the copyright holder?
My website is .
Thank you
malik44 said…

The book has been published by Rupa & co; this company can be approched at The website is

Best wishes.
Ashok Malik
helle said…
It's scrumptious post. I liked it.

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