Friday, 14 December 2007

Hey guys Pick up your copy from the nearest Book Shop- "War of Civilizations: 1857 A.D" by

Amaresh Misra

1857 was an epic confrontation of race and politics between the colonial new-Western secular-positivism now in alliance with Western Christianity and the indigenous new, the forces of peasant-aristocratic Asian capitalism and modernity. Till today it remains the only event, which gives a glimpse of lost possibilities of a non-western, free, unfettered Asiatic personality and development. It outlines in detail the machinations and mindset of Imperial-liberal fundamentalism, its promise of liberty turning into a nightmare of oppression and cruelty.

Amaresh Misra is a specialist in modern Indian history, written from a new, indigenous Asiatic perspective. Within Indian history, Misra is considered an expert on 1857, the first war of Indian Independence, also called the 'Indian Mutiny', by British historians.
It is in 2 volumes-- an amazing sight!

Happy reading!

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